Upper Mount Gravatt Kindergarten Philosophy

At Upper Mount Gravatt Kindergarten we acknowledge that children learn best through play. We recognise the diversity and uniqueness each child contributes to our Kindergarten community. We believe in the importance of being socially and environmentally responsible and aware of the impact we all make on the world around us.

In relation to children we:

  • Are advocates for children who protect and promote every child's health, safety, security and wellbeing

  • Strive to develop children's sense of belonging

  • Empower children to direct their own learning, by engaging rich play-based learning

  • Respect children's unique and diverse learning styles and how each child actively contributes to our learning community

  • Foster and environment that promotes curiosity, eagerness to explore and investigate

  • Encourage children to take an active role in their learning

  • Embed the natural environment as a fundamental element in teaching and learning

  • Value inclusion and diversity - we celebrate everyone's differences and similarities and recognise these elements contribute to establishing our rich and unique community

  • Value play as a fundamental way for children to explore, investigate, socialise, problem solve and have fun

In relation to families:

  • We recognise that parents & families are children's first and most important teachers

  • We strive to build strong collaborative partnerships with all families and work together to support children's learning

  • We work in collaboration with families in all areas of our daily operations at the Kindergarten - management, education & curriculum and events.

In relation to the community we will:

  • Respect and value the diversity within our community

  • Celebrate the history of the land on which our Kindergarten stands

  • Respect the traditional owners of this land

  • Support other community organisations

As educators we:

  • Are committed to continual improvement and professional growth

  • Embed the Early Years Learning Framework and the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines into our daily practice

  • Scaffold, support and extend children's learning and development

  • Celebrate children's achievements, voices and learning journey

  • Be committed to ongoing professional development and engage in meaningful reflective practice

  • Value the importance of development of a strong sense of belonging

"A person's a person, no matter how small!" - Dr Seuss

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